Something new for you.


I just put the finishing touches on a new resource for you. It’s free, and it’s something I can confidently guarantee will improve the results you’re getting in your PR work.

It’s based on work we’ve done inside the Inner Circle. I’ve taken a few extremely powerful strategies and tactics that Inner Circle members are using and I’ve decided to “gift” them to you.

I’ve never done this before, so consider this a test.

The resource is called the Inner Circle Success Manual: 14 PR Secrets From Inside the Smart PR Inner Circle.

And since you’re busy, I’ve divided it up into a bunch of sections. That way, instead of a PDF getting lost and forgotten on your computer, you can focus on one idea at a time and put that idea to use in your PR work.

In the first installment of the Inner Circle Success Manual, you’ll also receive an audio “mash-up” of interviews I’ve done with top-tier reporters. You’ll hear their take on what constitutes good pitching and their reactions to real pitches.

There’s a funny thing about success in the PR industry:

Yes, success comes from knowing some things others don’t know. But the most important part of success actually comes from doing things others don’t, won’t, or can’t do. (That’s not so easy to believe until you actually experience it.)

With what you discover inside the Inner Circle Success Manual, you’ll get “Inner Circle approved” tips for how to improve your results in PR.

Get your complimentary copy here.