Stop the PR insanity!


PR pros are pretty hard on themselves…

You want to succeed; you have tons to do and very little time to do it.

Today, I’m going to offer you a secret that will “stop the PR insanity” almost instantly.

It will give you MORE time, give you MORE energy, and give you much more CLARITY about how to go through your days and weeks.

So first, a definition: what is “PR Insanity?”

PR insanity is when you stress about things OUTSIDE of your control.

The solution should be pretty obvious: develop the discipline to stop doing this.

Easier said than done!

Understand that this is a habit you’ve developed over YEARS, so that little voice in your head is probably going to have a FIT when you try to make a change.

For example, think about how much PR pros stress about getting responses from journalists.

Is THIS something you control?

Well, you control how well you write the pitch, how focused it is, how valuable it is, how attractive it is, how strong the relationship you’ve built is with your network of influencers.

But as for whether or not you control what the journalist does?


So stressing/complaining/getting annoyed/dejected/depressed about what journalists do is a complete waste of time.

And yet, we do it. And it becomes a prison of our own making. We spend an enormous amount of energy doing this. And we end up feeling worn out, overwhelmed and worse.


As you probably know, the Inner Circle is accepting new members through tomorrow.

This secret I’m talking about today is something we use in the Inner Circle to get more responses and placements.

We have an approach to PR that focuses our attention and effort on the things under our control.

We don’t waste energy obsessing over things we have no control over.

And the magic is that by shifting our focus to what we control, we get better results.

If you’re one of those PR pros who “has no time,” then know that you have been brainwashed. “No time” is a lie that you choose to believe or reject.

If you choose to believe it, then you choose to allow life to happen TO YOU instead of YOU happening to IT.

If that’s what you want, fine. That’s your choice.

But if you want more, then I can show you an effective way to create it.

The sad part is that the average PR pro will choose the pain of the same over the “pain” of change. That’s actually the most frustrating part of my work.

They would actually prefer, at some level, to continue focusing on things they don’t control instead of actually addressing the real obstacle standing between them and the success they want.

The REAL OBSTACLE is the work required to get so good that journalists and influencers CAN’T ignore you.

But I take my own medicine: I focus on what I control and don’t freak out about the rest.

What I control is making sure you know that the opportunity for joining the Inner Circle is coming to a close TOMORROW.

I’m even offering to put 100% of the risk on my shoulders that you’ll double (at least!) the responses you’re getting from journalists within 60 days of enrolling.

From there, I stop stressing and return my focus to another thing I control: helping members get more responses and placements.

So the ball is in your court. What do you want to do?

If you’re coming in, here’s the link to register for the Inner Circle.

No matter what you decide, don’t forget the secret: focus on what YOU control.