The one thing you’re not doing that matters the most


When I do one-on-one consultations, the people I get to work with are already very sharp.

They are already doing almost everything right in their pursuit of more and better media placements. The problem is – and the reason they’ve turned to me – you can be doing almost everything right, but it’s that one thing you’re missing that’s the reason why you’re not getting any results.

I ask them some questions and take a look at the process they use for media relations. Then I point out one or two steps they should implement that will make an immediate impact on their success rate. The crazy thing is, those steps could have been blindingly obvious to the person who just got off the phone before them. Or the one after. They’re different for most people.

What are the one or two steps you’re missing?

It used to be impossible to tell you that without talking with you one-on-one. And that bugged me for a while. I wanted to figure out a way to distill my system for earning better media placements into a format that people could access without the investment required for my personal attention.

I worked on this for years. Media pitching has a lot of moving parts and variables. So the biggest challenge was distilling it down to an accessible format that you can grasp very quickly. But still have enough detail to apply to you wherever you are in your professional development.

Earlier this year I finally got there. It’s called “The Double-Your-Placements Blueprint.” It’s a one-page PDF that lays out exactly what the most successful media relations pros do. If you’re a newbie, you’ll see where to start. If you’re a vet, you’ll learn the higher level stuff that you didn’t know existed. It will take you about three minutes to figure out where you fall on the Blueprint, and therefore what your single best next step is.

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This article was originally published on May 24, 2018.