A PR Limerick for St. Patrick’s Day


There once was a PR pro,
Who did it wrong but didn’t know.
Hardworking and bright,
He stayed late every night,
But never had too much to show.

He emailed all day,
Not knowing what to say.
He had a big list
Didn’t want people missed!
And figured he’d just “spray and pray”

Our guy felt really burned out.
This isn’t what PR’s about.
Too much on his plate,
Meant no time to create,
He was filled with frustration and doubt

Then he met a media relations master,
Who worked less, but got results faster.
Not glued to her phone,
Her time was her own.
And guess what? It wasn’t a disaster!

She taught him “Read and React;”
How to pitch less hype and more fact.
Plus solid advice,
To write more concise
And cut out things that distract.

Now his confidence is high.
No longer “that annoying PR guy.”
His results are so great,
He’s doubled his rate!
And gained happiness money can’t buy.

By Camille Metcalf and Michael Smart

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This article was originally published on Mar 12, 2019.