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Years ago, I was at a point in my PR career probably a lot like the one you're at now . . .
If you don’t know me well yet, my name is Michael Smart and I'm a former journalist.

A few years into my PR career, I was tasked with getting favorable press for my employer.

I started small and figured out how to get covered locally.

Then I set my sights big, aiming for coverage nationally.

Once I got my first national placement, I spent the next 15 years honing a reliable system for landing top-tier media placements.

And that's turned into me helping thousands of PR pros multiply their media results as I've shared my methods in trainings, bootcamps, public speaking engagements and sessions at our industry’s top conferences:

I have to warn you, though. What I have to share is not traditional information. It's sure to ruffle some feathers. But the core strategies of my system that you'll find inside 4 Pillars of a Media Relations Master are what's responsible for major PR results and career transformations.

I hope you enjoy it. And . . .

If you're willing to transform, you too may become a Media Relations Master, producing superior results as a PR professional and enjoying the type of happiness and success that money can't buy.

To your success,
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4 Pillars of a Media Relations Master
The 4-Part Strategic Blueprint For Superior Results as a PR Professional
Inside this PDF, you'll learn what's at the foundation of clients who:
  •  Landed Top-Tier Coverage:  in Washington Post, USA Today, Los Angeles Times, New York Times, Wall Street Journal, USA Today, People, CNN, TIME magazine, NBC’s Today show and AP national distribution 
  •  Multiplied Results: an 800% increase in placements in the first year of application
  • Earned Promotions: from manager to Director in three months
  •  Expanded Budgets: from in-house team to support from 3 external agencies
  •  Boosted Revenue: the single placement that 36X'ed sales and generated 2000 leads
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About Michael Smart PR

Michael Smart helps PR pros worldwide boost their media coverage. He's regularly rated a top speaker at industry conferences and has trained 9,000+ communicators, everyone from solo pros to agencies to Fortune 10 PR teams.

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