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  •  Get promoted at work, even without asking for it
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And get the Double-Your-Placements Blueprint as a bonus
This is a new tool I introduced earlier this year that packs all of my most popular and proven tips into one page. 

It is a 1-page blueprint to help you increase your PR placements significantly. I suggest printing it out and referencing it every time you craft a new campaign.

The bonus also includes the in-depth training session I did on it so you can see how the step-by-step approach applies to your work. 

And you get to keep this 1-page blueprint and training to refer back to, whether you continue your membership or not. 

Media Pitching - Double-Your-Placements Blueprint
The Proof
Media Pitching Pro - Michael Smart
If you don’t know me yet, my name is Michael Smart and I’m a former journalist. I spent 15 years landing top-tier media coverage. For the past 10 years I’ve been training and coaching others to use my system for multiplying their media placements.

I speak about pitching at our industry’s top conferences:
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And I’ve trained PR pros from:
PR Industry Conferences
PR Industry Conferences
PR Industry Conferences
However, the most important proof is what Inner Circle members say about their results: 
Smart PR Inner Circle member testimonial

“Since joining the Inner Circle, I’ve landed TWO front page placements in our local daily paper; a front page placement in the business section; and a story in the Washington Post, all within a couple of weeks. I was also quoted in an article by American Express OPEN Forum. Not only does the Inner Circle give great information about the 'how,' it also addresses the 'why.' I feel like I’m being heard, and that Michael has experienced exactly what I’m going through, so I’m confident that his methods are tried and true. I have created relationships with journalists I did not have before, and most importantly, I’ve learned how to make better pitches.”

Misty Starks, President, 3BRG Public Relations, Houston

“I love all the real-world pitch examples – that’s an amazing difference between the Inner Circle and other professional development conferences and videos I’ve experienced. I’ve never really seen pitches that were done right, so it’s great to suddenly have a bunch of real-world examples to learn from. I’ve followed Michael’s advice about changing my work day to focus more on higher-value tasks, and my coworkers are supporting me. I’m getting more placements, even on our harder-sell stories, and my supervisor and our fundraisers are happy :)”

Mary Record, Director of Communications, New York Hall of Science, NYC

“In more than 15 years in the PR business, I’ve never come across anyone as generous with his knowledge as Michael Smart. He genuinely wants us to be more successful at media pitching and it shows. When I look at where to spend my professional development time and money, I see Michael’s Inner Circle as an amazing investment. I’m continually learning and it pays off for me and my clients. Using Michael’s techniques, I’ve secured coverage for clients with the Associated Press, NBC News and Politico.”

Jen Bemisderfer, Managing Director, R&H Strategic Communications, Washington DC

"When I joined the Inner Circle nine years ago, we were all pitching very differently. Now I’m getting journalists’ attention on Twitter and using content to make their jobs easier, both approaches I’ve learned from the Inner Circle. It’s the best way to get the outside intelligence I need to do my job more effectively. Bouncing a 'pitch in progress' off Michael helped me land a USA Today feature story that wowed our client. Separately, I applied a technique I learned on an Inner Circle webinar that led to a Bloomberg Businessweek placement for one client and an placement for another."

Adam Dvorin, Media Director, Winning Strategies, Newark, NJ
Ready to supercharge your media placements?
Here’s What You Get in The Inner Circle
Monthly Master Classes
I, along with occasional guest experts, will share new techniques for pitching and establishing great media relationships. These webinars often include specific email pitches that landed positive coverage. You ask your questions about the topics. When I host journalists and bloggers, they are available to evaluate your pitch live on the webinar. Webinars are recorded & transcribed for you to view again at any time.

Exclusive Community Forum
Inner Circle Members are some of the sharpest PR pros out there. As a member, you’ll have access to that “brain trust” via the private Community Forum. You can ask questions, submit a pitch for review and more.

Training Vault Access 24/7
Membership also includes access to the entire Inner Circle Training Vault, including 5 years of trainings. You have access to the entire vault immediately upon enrollment.

Monthly AMAs
Each month, Inner Circle Premium Members will get the opportunity to post questions in advance for me to address on a live, "Ask Michael Anything" webinar. It’s first come, first served. It’s an effective way to get personalized advice for yourself and “eavesdrop” on advice for other PR pros facing similar challenges. Many members choose to submit a pitch for me to review before they send it to a key media contact.

Pitching Quick-Start Course
The Pitch Transformation Quick Start is an 8-part course designed to take even a PR beginner to a new level of achievement – or hone and refine a veteran’s skills to new heights – in about 60 days.

The 30-Day, 100% Satisfaction or 
Your Money Back, No-Risk Guarantee

If at any point during your first 30 days as a member you are unsatisfied for any reason, just email my staff and we will process a prompt and courteous refund of every penny paid.

This means there is no risk to joining.

You get all the upside to increase your placements and advance your career!
Smart PR Inner Circle Application

Inner Circle Membership is by application only and the current enrollment fee is $129/mo, cancel anytime.

If you’re accepted and you enroll, your investment is protected by a 100% money-back guarantee within the first 30 days.

Before completing your application below, please read the instructions so you understand exactly how the enrollment process works.

Smart PR Inner Circle for Media Relations Pros
Becoming a member of the Smart PR Inner Circle is a 4-step process. In order to maximize the success of each new member, we do carefully review each application. So please take your time and just be yourself.

Here’s a brief outline of the enrollment process:
  •  Step 1 – Application Submission: Submit your completed application.
  •  Step 2 – Application Review: Relax and enjoy life while your application is reviewed.
  •  Step 3 – Application Decision: Within 48 hours (M-F), you will be notified regarding the status of your application.
  •  Step 4 – Submit Payment and Finalize: If accepted, you will have a 5-day “enrollment window” during which you can get questions answered, complete any budget approvals your employer requires, and then finalize your enrollment and submit payment. If you choose not to finalize your enrollment within the five days, your reservation will be released and made available to the next applicant.
The Inner Circle is designed for PR pros who have a unique blend of mindset, skills and goals. So this application process is designed to ensure that new members are suited to the unique approach we use in the Inner Circle to create results.

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