What Are Inner Circle Members Doing to Get Results Better Than 98% of the PR Industry?

Inside the Inner Circle Success Manual, you’ll discover over 14 secrets that Inner Circle Members are using to multiply their placements, earn raises and promotions, and get the respect they deserve!

The Inner Circle Success Manual is delivered in multiple emails over several weeks. Each email is focused on revealing one powerful secret from inside the Inner Circle.

The Smart PR Inner Circle is a select group of PR Pros, from Fortune 500 PR execs to sole proprietors, focused on achieving exceptional success in the PR industry.

Members achieve results including multiplying placements by as much as 800%, receiving multiple job promotions and salary increases and, in one case, even earning a million dollars as a direct result of their PR results.

While new Inner Circle members are accepted by application only, I’ve created a way for you to discover some of the key strategies and tactics that Inner Circle Members are using.

Inside the Inner Circle Success Manual, here are just a few of the things you will discover:

  • The secret of the Nightingale Effect. What it is, how you use it, and how Chris O. used it to land a great placement for his client in Business Insider, and get himself two promotions and raises!

  • Discover how to transform your future in PR by (finally) getting the respect for your skills that you deserve.

  • How to stop playing “PR hide and seek,” (the game that average PR Pros play,) and how to choose a new game. R.M. of the Inner Circle went this route and got 106 placements for his employer, with 46 of them in top-tier NATIONAL publications.

  • How to create far better than average success in PR even if you’re struggling to get momentum.

  • How one Inner Circle Member gave up her “spray and pray” habit forever, multiplied her placements by 800%, and got promoted to a level where she doesn’t even have to pitch anymore!

I can confidently say that applying the secrets you discover in this manual to your work in PR will increase your results. Maybe even overnight.

If you’re not getting the results you want in your PR work, this will help, GUARANTEED.

Here’s something important: While requesting this manual does not guarantee you membership in the Inner Circle, it does give you a good foundation so you are prepared when an opportunity to submit an application does become available.

In the first installment of the Inner Circle Success Manual, you’ll even receive an audio “mash-up” of interviews I’ve done with top-tier reporters. You’ll hear their take on what constitutes good pitching and their reactions to real pitches.

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To your success,

Michael Smart