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NOTICE: If you’ve been considering the Inner Circle, be sure to decide soon, because applications will be closing indefinitely on Friday, Feb. 15 at 5pm Pacific.
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Inner Circle Membership is by application only and the current enrollment fee is $129/mo, cancel anytime.

If you’re accepted and you enroll, your investment is protected by a 100% money-back guarantee within the first 30 days.

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Smart PR Inner Circle for Media Relations Pros
Becoming a member of the Smart PR Inner Circle is a 4-step process. In order to maximize the success of each new member, we do carefully review each application. So please take your time and just be yourself.

Here’s a brief outline of the enrollment process:
  •  Step 1 – Application Submission: Submit your completed application.
  •  Step 2 – Application Review: Relax and enjoy life while your application is reviewed.
  •  Step 3 – Application Decision: Within 48 hours (M-F), you will be notified regarding the status of your application.
  •  Step 4 – Submit Payment and Finalize: If accepted, you will have a 5-day “enrollment window” during which you can get questions answered, complete any budget approvals your employer requires, and then finalize your enrollment and submit payment. If you choose not to finalize your enrollment within the five days, your reservation will be released and made available to the next applicant.
The Inner Circle is designed for PR pros who have a unique blend of mindset, skills and goals. So this application process is designed to ensure that new members are suited to the unique approach we use in the Inner Circle to create results.

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Questions? Email [email protected] or call us at (435) 612-0156.
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Explore the Inner Circle for guidance in navigating uncertain times
The Smart PR Inner Circle is the training and coaching program that hundreds of PR pros use to keep their skills up-to-the-minute.
  • ​Negotiating salary and budget
  • Proving PR value in new ways to more people
  • ​Incorporating all media — earned, shared, owned and paid
  • ​Defeating overwhelm and distractions to achieve creativity and wisdom
How do you find out about new trends before your competition? Where do you learn which approaches are outmoded and which new skills you're missing? Who serves as your professional sounding board? That's what hundreds of in-house, agency and solo PR pros from all industries are getting inside the Inner Circle right now. 

Michael has helped clients like these

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Pitching the New York Times
How to get clients on the TODAY show
Land feature stories in the Wall Street Journal
Score TV spots for your spokespeople on CNN
Land coverage in The Washington Post
Here’s What You Get in The Inner Circle
Pitching Quick-Start Course
Media Pitching Online Course - Quick Start Pitching Transformation
Monthly Master Classes
PR Training Master Classes
Monthly "Ask Michael Anything" Sessions
Get personal support for your media pitches during monthly AMAs
Exclusive Community Forum
Community Forum for PR Pros
24/7 Access to the Training Vault
Online PR Training Vault - 5 years of master classes
Smart PR Inner Circle
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Enrollment is currently closed and only opens for a few weeks each year.

Register on this wait list to receive more information about the Inner Circle and free bonus content.

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Smart PR Inner Circle for Media Relations Pros
Questions? Email [email protected] or call us at (435) 612-0156.
What Inner Circle members say 
Chris Cline, Media Relations Specialist, Veterans United, Missouri

"As a former newspaper reporter, a communications director for two state agencies and now a media relations specialist for a mortgage lender whose main objective is to get earned media, I thought I knew it all. Then I attended Michael Smart’s pitching boot camp and quickly realized Michael could take my skillset to a whole new level. The knowledge I learned from him at that boot camp helped me score a holy grail placement in the Washington Post along with a link back to our company’s website. This year I joined the Inner Circle and achieved immediate results. I took advantage of one of his 'Ask Michael Anything' sessions to get specific feedback on a pitch I was working on. The revised version helped me finally get coverage in the San Antonio Express-News, a key market I had been trying to get in for 2.5 years! Because of what I have learned from Michael, I have earned placements in media outlets such as the Houston Chronicle, the Arizona Republic, The Oregonian, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, the Albuquerque Journal and National Mortgage News. Putting his Quick Start plan into play led to more than 200 media placements last year and nearly 70 SEO links for my company."

Chris Cline, Media Relations Specialist, Veterans United, Missouri
Shirley Johnson, Stage 1 PR, Atlanta

"When Michael created the Inner Circle, I knew I had to be part of this group. At first, I wanted my employer to pay for the sessions, but then I realized that the Inner Circle was something I needed to do for me! I invested my own money and time and do not regret the decision. The work he puts into each session is worth every penny. On every project, I am so skilled that I always accomplish a placement and that’s because I employ the techniques taught by Michael. Now that I have had my own consulting business for three years, I know that I will be a lifelong student and contributor to the Inner Circle."

Shirley Johnson, Stage 1 PR, Atlanta
Heather Farr Edwards, PR & Communications Manager, Reverb, Chicago

"The Inner Circle is the most realistic PR training I've ever experienced - it's less pie in the sky and more 'here's what you can do NOW.' It’s obvious that the tips are based on experience and that the speakers/Michael are up with the times. PR changes from week to week it seems and this program is right there with it. I try to attend every monthly training session and read every email that comes as part of my Inner Circle membership. I can't say that about any other option out there for continuing education."

Heather Farr Edwards, PR & Communications Manager, Reverb, Chicago
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