The Michael Smart Writing Course

– 32 individual lessons
– 4-module series (syllabus below)
– Interactive quizzes to drive home learning
– Practical exercises to immediately apply the learning

This e-learning course is especially well-suited to teams working in different geographical areas who rarely congregate for live training.

Let us know if you’re interested, and we’ll make sure to update you on its progress.


In the meantime, have a look Michael’s currently available course, Crafting the Perfect Pitch.


Secrets of PR Persuasion: Effective Writing that Gets AttentionComing Soon

Module A – The Definitive Guide to Writing Like a Journalist Without Having to Be One: Get More Placements, Page Views and Shares By Showing Up the Smart Way

A1 Why Most PR Writing Is Set Up To Fail and How To Use That To Your Advantage
A2 Adopting the New “Excellence-Based” Standard For PR Writing
A3 How to Be Direct: Trading in the Complicated for the Simple
A4 How To Double Or Triple the Power of Everything You Write
A5 Beyond a Reasonable Doubt: How to “Prove Your Case” Without Crossing the Line
A6 The Power of Show and Tell: How To Bring Your Words To Life
A7 The Power of Show and Tell II: Making Them Believe
A8 The “Jargon” Mistake and How to Fix It

Module B – How to Write Press Releases Management Will Love and No Editor Can Ignore

B1 The Evolution of the News Release and How to Use It Today
B2 The Chameleon Principle: How To Set the Proper Tone
B3 The Mapping Strategy I: How to Write News Releases That EVERYONE Loves
B4 The Mapping Strategy II: Getting Past the Gatekeepers
B5 The Anatomy of a Successful News Release
B6 Starting Off on the Right Foot: What To Say First
B7 Making Quotes Work: Why Most News Release Quotes Put Readers to Sleep and a Detailed Strategy For Making Yours Effective
B8 How to Think Like a Search Engine Without Writing Like a Robot
B9 How to Write Backgrounders and Op-Eds That Get Results

Module C – Polishing For PR Perfection: Master Proofreading Principles and Grammar for Boosting Your Credibility & Results

C1 Putting Your Writing on a Diet: The Secrets to Saying More By Writing Less
C2 How Not to Repeat Yourself, Repeat Yourself
C3 The Clichés Trap and How It Can Ruin Your Writing
C4 How to Use “Short and Sweet” to Move Readers Forward
C5 How to Destroy Your Credibility in 100 Words or Less: Horrifying Examples of Bad PR Writing
C6 Making It Perfect: Tips and Tricks For Proofreading
C7 How To Avoid Word Mix-Ups That Make You Look Dumb (Ouch!)
C8 Becoming Your Own Grammar Police: How to Write Error Free – Part I
C9 Becoming Your Own Grammar Police: How to Write Error Free – Part II

Module D – PR Writing Mastery: How to Set Your PR Writing Apart From Everyone Else and Maximize Your Impact

D1 Writing In Pictures: Applying Creativity Without Distracting Your Readers
D2 Mastering the Element of Surprise: How to Use It To Stand Out
D3 How To Choose the Words That Keep Readers Engaged
D4 Leveraging the Never-Ending Interest in Story
D5 Starting Your Own Writing Style Revolution
D6 Tying It All Together: The 14-Step Smarter Writing Process

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