Financial Freedom in PR

Behind the Scenes with a PR Pro Who's Achieved It

How It All Began For Devin Knighton . . .

Financial Success in PR - Behind the Scenes with Devin Knighton I've shared with you some of Devin's story – from one of the original Inner Circle members 10 year ago to the seven-figure exit to now landing his dream job teaching. Financial freedom in PR may sound like a long shot, but it's possible.

And he's a great example of what is possible when you stick with something and become a master. In preparation for the Inner Circle enrollment window opening, there are some details about his story I want to get out on the table.

So here's a 13-minute interview I did with him back when he was in the throes of the PR mosh pit. He was working to prepare his company to go public on the NYSE after starting there as employee #17. There's a lot in packed into this, but I only want you to pay attention to ONE thing:

Notice what Devin talks about doing that most PR people say they won't do.

To get financial freedom in PR, you ARE going to have to do what MOST people won't do!

See if you can figure out what that is. I can TELL you what it is, but you'll believe it more if you hear Devin say it…

P.S. If you don't have time to listen to this, then my question is: just how serious ARE you about success?

You might score a home run here and there, like Devin did with his first placement in the WSJ. But can you consistently deliver results like that? Who would you need to become to be the kind of person that takes home runs and turns them into game wins? And then championship seasons? Have a listen to hear how Devin's built a career, and how you can too.