There’s a better strategy than divide and conquer. In the reality of today’s hypercompetitive content and media landscape, both teams need the other to succeed.

I love sharing in the excitement that comes with winning placements. But I’m concerned that too many media relations pros are still putting all their eggs into the pitching basket.

Have you ever been asked to participate in career day? I did it once, and then my kids stopped nominating me. You’re going up against people with careers that everyone already understands what they do. So how do you compete?

Me and my shadow

How would your children or someone watching your work explain what you do? When my 13-year-old son shadowed me recently, here is what he had to say.

This week I was surprised by a bit of trivia I learned while touring Ronald Reagan’s Presidential Library with my family. It struck me that the former president known as “The Great Communicator” is still teaching PR lessons from the grave.

Why meal kits have become so popular- because we like when people do it for us. Here’s how you can take this model and apply it with reporters you are pitching.

People often ask me how to phrase the very first words of their email pitch – which actually barely matters at all. But nobody asks about the very end, which is crucial.