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January 19, 2022

The 2 most important attributes for success

Here’s a seemingly random memory from more than 20 years ago that recently came full circle and illustrates the two most important attributes for career success.

January 12, 2022

That’s PR malpractice

I don’t get frustrated anymore by bad PR efforts. Instead I focus my efforts where I have the most influence.

January 5, 2022

Not a resolution, but your distinct value as a knowledge worker

Keep this PR truth in mind as you set your work-related goals for 2022.

December 28, 2021

Good lessons from bad PR pitches – December 2021 edition

New pitching buzzwords to avoid, plus when you should and shouldn’t include coverage links.

December 22, 2021

When I’m impatient and frustrated, I try to think of this

Here’s my annual week-before-Christmas note that transcends PR.

December 21, 2021

Winners of the Best Pitch of the Year 2021

These successful pitches were chosen based on difficulty, results, and skill.

December 15, 2021

“Buddy the Elf, what’s your favorite color?”

The movie Elf contains a scene that is one of Hollywood’s greatest gifts to the hard-working PR pro.

December 8, 2021

1 lesson from the best pitches of the year

This week I unveiled the winners of the Smart PR Best Pitch of the Year competition. Here’s one takeaway that stood out among the winning pitches.

December 1, 2021

Last Christmas, I gave you my press release

A corny breakup song that’s tied to Christmas by the flimsiest of threads offers one redeeming quality to PR pros.

November 23, 2021

Good lessons from bad PR pitches – November 2021 edition

A journalist’s playful taunt kicks off a discussion of a venerable pitch brainstorming technique.

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