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December 22, 2022

Good lessons from bad PR pitches – December 2022

Things not to say to a journalist; the only complaint about World Cup pitches; what happens when you pitch on a holiday.

December 21, 2022

Bona fide Christmas PR miracle

The story began when I interviewed one of my Inner Circle members about how she continued her PR career during the invasion of her homeland.

December 7, 2022

Would you rather: company party or extended-family dinner?

Here are three tips for better relationships with your leadership team.

November 30, 2022

New “Spirited” holiday film slams PR people

It’s another exaggerated pop culture depiction of our profession – but it had enough of a grain of truth in it to teach me a lesson.

November 23, 2022

Good lessons from bad PR pitches – November 2022

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, I set out to put a positive spin on the PR outreach that journalists are complaining about on Twitter. And then I did an about-face.

November 16, 2022

PR tech tools beyond the usual suspects

What are some of the free/cheap tech tools that savvy PR pros are using to save time and get better results?

November 9, 2022

Does PR writing stress you out?

Three ways to simplify your writing process, reduce your stress, and create a more compelling and persuasive final product.

November 2, 2022

Air fryers show why former journos struggle to transition to PR

My instincts as a former journalist sometimes worked against me as a PR pro. I needed to remember this key element that made me successful as a journalist.

October 27, 2022

Good lessons from bad PR pitches – October 2022

Two journalists debated this question on Twitter: Are PR people useless, or invaluable?

September 29, 2022

Good lessons from bad PR pitches – September 2022

When a journalist blocks an entire agency, the first truly innovative pitching strategy I’ve seen in years, and the surprise about pitches around the Queen’s death.

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