Why meal kits have become so popular- because we like when people do it for us. Here’s how you can take this model and apply it with reporters you are pitching.

People often ask me how to phrase the very first words of their email pitch – which actually barely matters at all. But nobody asks about the very end, which is crucial.

As any good realtor knows, location is everything. Even the most beautiful homes are unappealing if they’re in a bad neighborhood. Location is just as important in PR pitches. A great story angle is not going to attract if you put it in a terrible location in your pitch.

“I just can’t see people paying me that much.” This response was from a recent conversation with a coaching client, which lead me to believe PR people are weird. But don’t worry, we have the power to change!

PR people who come to my workshops often say the same thing when I ask why they’re approaching a pitch in a certain way. It’s because their first boss did it that way.

Every year I hold a competition for my Inner Circle members called “The Best Pitch of the Year.” It’s not only an opportunity to reward those with great pitches and placements, but a chance to learn as well.

Fear of phone pitching

I want to help all PR pros overcome their fear of phone pitching and be victorious at it. The two big keys to success are research and phrasing. Here’s an example of one PR pro who is leading the charge in phone pitching at her agency.