A software company down the street from me got acquired Sunday for $8 Billion. And there is a great lesson in this success story that’s quite contrary to conventional PR wisdom.

As a PR professional, there are many skills you must master to achieve the highest levels of success.  One of those skills is your writing, which, if it isn’t good enough, makes everything else in your career suffer. 

A friend of mine told me about a new show she’s started watching and it’s going to sound fake, but I looked it up and I promise it’s real. And this very specific TV show opened my eyes to a trend that’s happening in the media.

I wrote this post on my way home from this year’s PRSA International Conference. I want to share the vibe with you that I noticed from most attendees at the conference.

Coming on too strong

One of my Inner Circle members recently posted the following question to our members forum: “I’ve heard Michael say that pitching a reporter is a lot like dating. How can I get a reporter to remain interested in me without coming on too strong?” Here’s my thought on this analogy.

Last week I showed 15 pitches to the executive editor of the best-selling newsstand magazine in the nation. What stood out to me right from the beginning is how intimately this editor knows her readers. We need to do the same.