New stellar resource for PR measurement

I just got certified in Media Measurement, and you can, too!

It’s free – check it out.

This brand-new, brief, takeaway-dense course is taught by Gini Dietrich and hosted by Muck Rack.

Here’s why I liked it:

  • Gini rose through the PR ranks and has our mindset and personality – when she talks about this being doable, her enthusiasm and confidence is infectious.
  • Two lessons in particular dazzled me with measurement approaches I didn’t know:
    • “Different Types of Models” in Module 4
    • “What Measurement Inside Your Agency Should Look Like” – which is just as applicable even if you’re not in an agency – in Module 6
  • The course successfully boiled down everything I’ve ever heard/seen/read about business measurement into just a few short lessons. Would have saved me about 12 credit hours if I could have taken this in college.

Also, it’s comical watching Gini nerd out more than any human ever has about the concept of OKRs. Seriously though, her mastery and smooth delivery of this material makes watching the lessons enjoyable. The production value of the course and usability of the platform are top-notch.

Even if you don’t think you’ll want to complete the full course, log in for free and check out those two lessons I noted above. (And then on your lunch breaks the next few days, watch the rest and get the certification badge on your LinkedIn profile like me :).

Here’s the course.

P.S. I do webinars with the Muck Rack team and we collaborate in other ways, including my own certification course, the Fundamentals of Media Relations. That said, I get nothing in return for endorsing Gini’s course – I really think it’s worth your time.

This article was originally published on January 24, 2024

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