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Unless you’ve been phoning it in for the past few years, you know that smart PR, media relations and media pitching have changed more in the past five years than in the previous 20. And it’s already changing so much this year that the PR pro who keeps his head in the sand runs the risk of being obsolete by 2025.

That gives you two, maybe three years to get ahead of this and master the communications outreach techniques that your boss and clients will expect of you.

If PR accounts for more than 25 percent of your job, you need my Inner Circle Playbook to learn the smart PR approaches necessary to survive and thrive in the 2020s.

When I started the Inner Circle a decade ago, my goal was to help PR professionals become masters at media pitching. This is the core of smart PR; no great media pitches, no coverage. The Inner Circle definitely delivered on this as countless members have earned amazing coverage by using the media pitching strategies they learned from me.

But my work has evolved over the past decade to encompass more than just pitching media and now includes adjacent disciplines that make media pitching results matter even more. And the Inner Circle is where I deliver my newest training first.

Media pitching is still at the core, and will always be. But it includes so much more now, including:

Salary Negotiation: What’s the point of becoming a master at all parts of smart PR if you’re not getting paid more for all the value you bring? That’s why I’m adamant about you speaking up and defending your worth.

Incorporating All Media: This is an important evolution update to the Inner Circle. Earned media may be your bread-and-butter now, but incorporating social, content, and even paid media compounds the results you deliver. This makes you more valuable and prevents you from becoming replaceable in the future.

Gaining Respect: Being in PR often forces us into a subservient position, chasing whatever is thrown at us. But smart PR pros turn the tables and dictate the terms of their engagement, without becoming a jerk.

Eliminating Overwhelm: If you’re always checking the news, Twitter, and refreshing your email like a rat in a cage, I will show you a better way to redirect your focus that eliminates overwhelm. It also makes you much more effective, too, so it’s a double benefit.

To my knowledge, I can confidently state that the Inner Circle is now the #1 career booster on earth for PR pros — it has created more pay raises, promotions and media placements for PR professionals compared to any other professional development program out there.

Look at the results my students have gotten

Proven Framework

“There is no fluff, this is real and amazing insights month after month. The biggest difference for MASONRY is we have a framework for keeping our pitching game strong!”

Smart PR Pro: Kathryn Mason
Kathryn Mason
Dublin, Ireland
40% Pay Increase

“I just secured a feature for our CFO in the Wall Street Journal!
Those are the kind of results that have helped me earn a 40 percent pay increase since I joined your Inner Circle.”

Smart PR Pro: Ginny Walker
Ginny Walker
KBS Realty
Orange County, CA
Immediate Results

“Putting the Quick Start plan into play produced enormous results right away. I landed more than 200 media placements last year and nearly 70 SEO links for my company.”

Smart PR Pro: Chris Cline
Chris Cline
Veterans United Home Loans