PR Training Courses

By Michael Smart

PR Training Courses available from MichaelSMARTPR

Crafting the Perfect Pitch

Crafting the Perfect Pitch is an online PR course that delivers the pitching playbook that can systematically boost your pitching results.

There are lots of “info products” about publicity out there, but they're aimed at small biz/consultants/marketing people. In short, they're not for you. You're a PR pro and we made this course for you.

Crafting the Perfect Pitch is split into 4 core modules containing a total of 29 lessons. Watch the lessons, which are about 10 minutes long, and you'll then have about 20 minutes of practical exercise. Importantly, the bite-size applications of what you learn is what will starting producing new results in your work.

Work through each lesson at your own pace — as fast or as slow as you'd like!

Enroll in Crafting the Perfect Pitch and you'll discover a more strategic approach to pitching coupled with practical “do this” tactics. Learn more.

Online PR Training: The Definitive Guide to PR Writing

The Definitive Guide to PR Writing is a PR training course that will help you become the most effective PR writer you know.

Don't let your writing be the thing that has you get passed over for promotions! Unfortunately, bad writing can have your projects ignored. And as a result, people will be stop taking action and projects will stall around you.

Writing is skill that should be an asset! But if you aren't aware, it can be one of your biggest liabilities. Instead, enroll in this PR training course and work your way through. After that, your PR writing will be at a new level of excellence. And you will have gotten there in a very short period of time. Learn more.

PR Training Courses: Fundamentals of Media Relations at Muck Rack Academy

Fundamentals of Media Relations is a PR training course, compliments of Muck Rack, where you'll earn an industry-recognized PR credential to get positive engagement from journalists and stand out from the crowd.

In about two hours, at your own pace, this PR training course will help you:

  • Receive more responses from journalists
  • Secure more media placements
  • Skill up for the future
  • Earn resume-worthy credentials

Enroll in Fundamentals of Media Relations in order to learn from real-world, successful pitches. Quick, bite-sized, non-boring lessons (promise!) break down examples of real pitches so that you can see how pros like you have have landed top media. Additionally, the lessons often have insights from the journalists themselves. With all this perspective, you can then take the step-by-step approaches and implement them immediately! Preview the course, enroll for free here, or read reviews here, here and here.

PR Training Courses: Respected Expert Intensive

The Respected Expert Intensive is the only PR training course in the world for PR pros to earn the respect you deserve from bosses, clients and coworkers to get big results AND your life back.

Michael's other programs teach the tactics and strategies to succeed in PR.

This Intensive is completely different. It's less of a course and more of an experience. In the Intensive, you learn how to get freedom — freedom to implement the stuff that gets big results while ignoring (or moderating) the incessant distractions from the vital few actions you know really matter.

First, you'll gain mastery in overcoming people-pleasing tendencies and expressing your real value. Then, we work on eliminating beliefs that keep us playing small. Finally, you'll develop habits that help you continually return to your WHY. Learn more.

PR Training Courses: 30-Day Work Smart Reset

Complete the 30-Day Work Smart Reset in order to have more time, more head space and less distractions through simple, specific action. And all that in less than 10 minutes a day over 30 days.

I spent years feeling overwhelmed in my PR career, and so I had to find a better way to manage my day-to-day. Burnout was imminent. There was no way I could keep up with the demands at work AND stay married AND be a dad AND stay involved in my volunteer work AND not have a heart attack.

Needless to say, I worked very intentionally to discover a solution for getting my sanity back. (And that wouldn't get me fired.) In fact, my results skyrocketed once I implemented this. I got more and better results and had more time to think and be proactive. Moreover, I even had a surplus of time and energy to be a husband, father, and volunteer. Everything I learned (and have sharpened over the years) is in this Reset.

You'll get a email and an action item every week day for 4 weeks. Learn more.

These PR training courses will help you improve your writing, mindset and pitching to rapidly boost your results.