This guy was HUNGRY


I remember Jay Srinivasan clearly because he sat right in the middle, right in the front, and asked a ton of questions. It was obvious that he was committed to learning and improving his skills and his results.

That was at my media pitching workshop in DC four summers ago.

The next summer he was there again. And the next. And again this past June. It’s the same workshop, and he has attended it the last four years in a row.

[The next one is in NYC next month and it’s almost sold out].

I’m around a lot of PR people, and many of them complain about being stuck and unappreciated at work. Not as many of them are willing to invest the time to actually DO something to change their circumstance.

I asked Jay why he keeps coming and said he learns new things every time. It’s obvious Jay is committed to continuous improvement and it has paid off for him.

Here’s what Jay wrote me about the impact of attending my workshop:

“My boss (originally) said if I produce one media placement a month, he would be happy .  . . Last year I was able to place 60 articles, including in The Washington Post, Business Insider, USA Today and Fast Company Design. This was my first time generating national media, and I owe a lot of it to your teachings.”

Armed with that track record of success, during this year’s annual review Jay requested to work from home two days a week, even though that is rare in his company. His boss approved. Now, Jay writes:

“I am now able to avoid three hours of commute time for those two days, drop my daughters off to school, pick them up and take them to swimming and taekwondo classes. It has also reduced some of the load on my wife, who was doing everything while working a high-pressure job.”

Would that be nice? To decrease your commute? Improve your work/life balance? Get more respect from your boss and coworkers?

Do something about it, like Jay did.

Claim one of the remaining seats at this workshop.

It’s almost full – now that I’m writing this final post, it could sell out at any time. Propel your skills and apply what you learn. Improve results and a better life will follow.

And watch out for Jay :).

This article was originally published on Aug 30, 2018.