“Tidying Up with Michael Smart”


There’s something hypnotic about the new year that makes you want to “tidy up” your life.

That’s why Netflix waited until Jan. 1 to launch the now-ballyhooed “Tidying Up with Marie Kondo.”

If you don’t recognize her name . . . Remember a few years ago when it seemed like half your friends kept going on and on about the new method for decluttering your house? How you keep only those items that “spark joy” – and to all the other stuff that’s hard to throw out, you hold it, say “thank you” to it, and then toss? That’s Marie Kondo (her book was a hit worldwide in 2011)

Haven’t watched the show yet (my wife is way ahead of me). But over the Christmas break I was obsessed with cleaning out my closet. Did it at 9 pm on a Friday one night!

That urge to “edit your life” comes from a good place. You know that being overwhelmed is not the natural state you were meant to be in. But you – like I did for so many years – tell yourself that “Things are different in PR – we’re in a service business after all.”

You’ve told yourself that it’s normal and natural to either be at your keyboard or have your phone in your hand all day. That everyone checks their phone first thing in the morning and last thing at night.

But not really . . .

A quiet groundswell of knowledge workers – including and especially PR professionals – are taking great strides to “tidy up” their lives by editing out meaningless digital distractions. They’re having productive conversations with bosses, coworkers and clients about how they can do their best work for them.

And they’re getting killer results without killing themselves mentally by being perpetually distracted.

I’m going to introduce you to these pros, and tell you how they do it, on a free webinar TODAY. I’ve never taught any of this outside my paid programs before.

Work Smarter, Not Harder, in 2019: Get Beyond the Daily PR Grind to Get Better Results Without Being Tethered to Your Phone 24/7

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See you there!

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This article was originally published on Jan 10, 2019.