A few of my favorite things


You reading these messages I post each Thursday is one of my favorite things.

I really enjoy the challenge of sharing something useful each week, and the dialogue the posts spark with readers who share their reactions.

Another of my favorite things is watching my Inner Circle members succeed.

Like Kathryn Mason, founder/CEO of Masonry in Ireland. She wrote me:

We just had our best year ever. Your program is the best value for the money, I just keep saying this to anyone who will listen. I couldn’t be here without you. I can ask questions and not feel like I’m asking something stupid, and knowing that there are other people wondering the same exact thing.

I’d be remiss if I didn’t make sure you know that today is the last chance to join the Inner Circle before we shut the doors and focus on making more “best years ever.”

Last chance to learn the new insights we’re diving into about how media pitching should integrate with owned, shared and paid communications strategies.

You owe it to yourself to educate yourself about this opportunity.

Go here now and review the details, including brief comments from 50 other PR people like Kathryn who give you their take on the program.

Then make a conscious decision, join or not join. The first 30 days are fully guaranteed, so you know which way I’d lean 😉

Either way, I’ll be back next Thursday with more tips and insights.

This article was originally published on Jun 05, 2019.