Axios piece is most important PR article of the year

This Axios piece is the most important article any PR pro can read this year.

Ignore the political framing. This piece is vital because similar fragmentation exists in every media “space” online.

Whether you work in higher ed, CPGs, fashion, oil & gas, or any other industry.

Your bosses and clients think stakeholders get information from the same sources they do, but in reality, your industry has splintered into discrete, often independent, groups similar to the Axios “bubbles.”

Every aspect of your PR work will be more effective if you reshape your approach to target audiences:

  1. Assemble a focus group of stakeholders diverse in age, gender, ideology and background. (If this proves difficult, just start with an informal gathering of coworkers.)
  2. Email them the Axios article in advance and ask them to consider what groups or “bubbles” may exist in your industry.
  3. Meet in person or virtually to whiteboard possible groupings.

This doesn’t need to be scientific. But it does need to be urgent.

The old ways of segmenting your outreach by rudimentary factors such as “national, local and trade” have long passed.

Hit me back when you’re done – I’d love to hear what some of your groups or “bubbles” are.

This article was originally published on June 26, 2024

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