Can PR really lead to fulfillment?

This week I sat down with a former PR pro who just turned 40 and is about to pay off his house.

He’s out of the rat race – he chose his new job not for the salary or opportunities for advancement, but because it allows him to help young people. And because he can be home with his family by 5 every night.

The reason he has all these options? When he was working regular PR jobs, he achieved excellence. His employers rewarded him. And he followed his plan to his dream.

He was one of the original nine members of the Smart PR Inner Circle when we launched 10 years ago this November. MY dream was and is to help more PR pros achieve this level of freedom. Whether that’s measured in dollars or free time or fulfillment is up to you.

Over the next several weeks, I’m going to be sharing free resources to show you how to proceed further on this path. Lessons that previous Inner Circle members have learned and applied for success.

But you need to register for our wait list to get access to them.

You can apply these free bonuses immediately to boost your success. And they’ll also inform you about the very best PR professional development resource available, anywhere. I’ve got 10 years’ worth of happy members to prove it :).

Register on the wait list now – you’re not committing to anything, other than receiving free bonuses and informing yourself of your options.

This article was originally published on October 3, 2019

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