In search of “control”

Think carefully about your colleagues and acquaintances. Do you know anyone who says things like this?

I feel pretty much in control of my life and work and how I spend my time.

How about you, applying that thought to yourself? Do you agree with that italicized statement above?

If so, I’m sincerely happy for you, and you can stop reading this post – I’ll be writing about something else next week. Seriously. That’s not some weakly blatant attempt at reverse psychology. The rest of this message is only for people who recognize that their daily task lists and incoming messages and sense of harmony have gotten a bit out of control.

You’re still reading, so I’ll speak directly to you. I know how you feel. I’ve been there.

And you’re definitely in the majority among PR people. I did a webinar about this last week that had more registrants than the PRSA staff had ever seen before.

And this week I’m getting a steady stream of emails from other PR pros who feel the same as you. They’re participating in a quick program I put together to conquer distraction and work smarter. See if you relate to some of these messages I’ve been getting:

– I signed up for this because I find that I can’t get the key things on my list done because I get distracted throughout the day.
– I feel like I'm always rushing to check things off the list and never feel like I have the time to produce quality content or create relationships with editors, journalists, and influencers.
– Looking forward to taming the distractions in my life so that there is room for creativity, strategic thinking, and less stress.

If that’s you too, then I urge you to join this program they’re talking about. Today is your last chance. It WILL solve this problem – 100 percent guaranteed.

So if you wanna do something about your overwhelm instead of spending another year feeling like you do right now, then you need to act. You know from reading my previous messages that I don’t usually use such strong language when sharing info about my offerings.

But I’m certain this will work for you. I’ve offered it before, and the surveys show proof: More than 90 percent of the participants gain at least 30 minutes a day of clear, focused, productive thinking. One-third gain an hour or more.

I’ve purposefully set the rate so that it can be affordable for you even if your work doesn’t pay for it. And it comes with a full money-back guarantee, no time limit.

It’s not about the money for me. It’s about helping PR people like you get their peace and balance back.

Join now.

P.S. This program also attracts pros who feel like things are going well but that they want to take their productivity to another level. Here are some thoughts from participants who feel that way:

– I’m leading several accounts now, and I don’t want to let the daily churn lead to me producing mediocre work for clients, or being seen as distant by my junior folks.
– What pushed me to respond is my desire to make a bigger, more valuable impact on my organization through my work. Things are going well in my current role, but feels like people now expect what I’m delivering – I’m a victim of my own success in a way.

This article was originally published on January 15, 2020

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