Last day (and why I hate fear-based marketing)

The typical marketing playbook says I should remind you of the uncertainty and worry you’re feeling about the economy and disruption in society. And how you’re gonna fail if you don’t buy what I’m selling.

But that’s not how I’m feeling about the world . . . or about what I’m selling.

I feel like we are riding a wave in the Inner Circle, a wave that’s steadily picking up energy.

We’ve already had more people join during this enrollment period than we did during our openings last year, during the best economy in the history of the earth. There’s something magical about a group of people who are proactively creating their own opportunities, regardless of what the news says is happening.

The average tenure of the people in the Inner Circle is 33 months, which is absolutely stupendous if you know anything about membership programs. When you join, you’re not committing to stay that long. You can cancel anytime without hassle. I set it up that way so I have to prove my value, every month. And people choose to stay because they keep getting results.

Inner Circle members are finding success now, and positioning themselves for even bigger growth whenever the economy comes back:

  • Jessica Goble earned a bonus and a promotion because of her results since COVID hit
  • Jenna Cason’s consultancy lost almost all of its business after COVID and the oil price crash – but she’s already built it back and then some!
  • Ginny Edwards loves her current job, but she’s been approached by recruiters for three different jobs in May alone

Enrollment closes today, and whether you join or not, we’ll be riding this wave together to even brighter days ahead.

But we’d love to have you along for the ride. 🙂

Carefully consider the offer, and note what the members are saying about how we’re adjusting to COVID and the economy. Just make sure you choose – one way or the other – today, because after that the decision is out of your hands.

Whatever you decide, I wish you health, happiness and success, and I’ll be back every week with more PR tips.

P.S. Today is also the last day you can access my free training, “How COVID-Era PR Pros are Winning NOW.” If you don’t have time to watch the whole thing, find these highlights:

  • 19:01 How a PR pro activated one of her company’s biggest product launches ever – in April
  • 28:37 The cold pitch that prompted a NYT writer to reply “you hit the bullseye”
  • 39:41 Takeaways from two veterans of the last recession who have since retired in their 40s

This article was originally published on June 10, 2020

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