Mitigating risks of AI for PR

When I sat down to write today, I had planned a full post explaining how to reduce your exposure to potential risks of using AI for PR.

But James Holland and his colleagues at Highwire PR, the tech agency, already did.

And their stuff is just so good that I don’t want to take another minute of your time away from reading that instead.

Start with James’ post that outlines the most commonly cited risks.

And then the real pay-off comes from Highwire’s “Risk Maps” (opt-in required) that capture the likelihood and impact of applying AI to:

  • Press releases
  • Executive thought leadership/byline
  • Executive social copywriting
  • Media list building

Best of all, after you review their risk maps, you’ll “get” the thought process yourself. Then you can apply their framework to evaluate the risks and rewards of using AI for whatever you’re working on.

Disclosure: Highwire has an agency-wide membership to my Inner Circle. But I don’t get anything in return for sharing this with you – in fact, once I saw these risk maps a couple weeks ago, I was the one practically begging them to give me a shareable link.

Happy risk mitigation 😊.

This article was originally published on August 23, 2023

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