New outlets ripe for pitching

You know about Disney+ and ESPN+ . . . What about Salesforce+?

It may sound like a story from The Onion, but it’s real. Salesforce started its own business news streaming service last year.

Another software company, HubSpot, wanted a media arm too. So they bought the business newsletter firm The Hustle.

More examples of this trend:

Netflix hired away the editor of Allure to run their in-house publishing arm. Silicon Valley heavyweight VC firm Andreessen Horowitz launched their media arm, called “Future,” last year. The talent behind it used to edit for Wired, Dow Jones, and CNN.

You get the point. And you’ve heard of the concept of brands telling their own story through content marketing. But have you considered adding these new types of media outlets to your media lists?

If not, it’s time to start. We’re past the point of complaining about media consolidation and limited resource. It’s time to start innovating, and teaching our bosses and clients how eyeballs are shifting to untraditional sources of information.

Salesforce+ has interviews with executives from dozens of other companies, plus thought leaders like association heads, researchers, and authors. Why not your client?

The VC firm’s Future covers more than just their partners and portfolio companies. They even have a “how to pitch us” page for their site and podcasts.

I went into more depth on how to approach these new outlets in my recent training called “What Will Matter for PR Pros in 2022.”

I also explained how AI is changing media pitching, and how to ride that wave. And how blockchain technology affects you as a PR pro (even if you’ll never invest in cryptocurrency).

That training is only available to current members of my Inner Circle. But you can get access to snippets of some of our best previous trainings . . . and be alerted as soon as we open up access to the “What Will Matter” session.

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This article was originally published on February 2, 2022

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