The overlooked trigger for big change in PR

You probably haven’t noticed the software product update coming on Nov. 1 that’s likely to change your career.

Here’s why: That’s the day Microsoft is rolling out their corporate AI assistant – “365 Copilot” – to enterprise customers. In the weeks that follow, many of the execs that run PR teams and the agencies that report to them are going to start experimenting with a new and better AI chatbot. It will work much smoother than what they messed around with last winter and gave up on. They’ll tell their exec friends who aren’t Microsoft customers about it.

And in a few months or less, one of those execs in your world is going to ask you:
“What are we doing with AI for our PR?”

I want you to be super confident when you answer that question. Even better, you’ll proactively go to your exec long before they even ask, and you’ll pre-emptively explain what AI can and can’t do for PR. Before that exec decides to dictate to you how you should be using it.

Start your prep with my free webinar next week:

The Realist’s Guide to AI & PR: What AI Can and Can’t Do for Your PR Workflow

Date: Wednesday, Oct. 18th
Time: 1 p.m. ET (12 p.m. CT | 11 a.m. MT | 10 a.m. PT | 6 p.m. London)
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  • Examples of AI-assisted wins from PR pros across industries
  • Specific prompts – some simple, some sophisticated – PR pros are using to get results
  • Best use cases for AI in PR, and where it doesn’t work well
  • FAST next steps to apply AI successfully without investing a bunch of time

This is a special free bonus edition of the Smart PR Inner Circle professional development program. I’ll be giving away – for the first time in the program’s 14-year-history – a free membership during the webinar. At the end I’ll explain how you can access special bonuses if you choose to enroll.

This training will save you many, many hours over the next few months – I promise.

This article was originally published on October 11, 2023

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