The Rise of a Vegan Skywalker

This week we live in a world where Costco will only let us buy three items of meat after we wait in line six feet apart, but we can watch the latest Star Wars film infinity times for $6.99 a month.

There is scarcity and abundance, contraction and growth . . . at the same time. To be on the growth side of that equation, you need to adapt and learn with the changing times:

The ECONOMY is changing – If you’re an employee, learn how to protect your job and budget, plus establish a backup plan if things don’t work out. If you depend on clients, learn how to retain and land more of them in this new environment. There IS money still out there – you need to learn where and how to get it.

WORK is changing – You’re frantically working, like a squirrel scurrying around burying acorns before winter. But that’s squashing the only skill that’s actually going to preserve your earning power: discernment. Learn how to cultivate discernment in your work life, and why the decisions you make are always more valuable than the busy work you complete.

AUDIENCES are changing – Subjects and messages that used to fly for campaigns pre-COVID will never work again. Learn the right voice for these trying times, without self-censoring so much that you kneecap any chance for success (too many PR teams are doing this right now).

PUBLIC RELATIONS is changing – The days of creating a ton of content on every platform and hoping it takes off are over. You only stand out when you “go big” in a focused way. Learn how and where to expend your resources to get noticed.

The MEDIA are changing – Old-media contraction and new-media growth is following the same cycle it did during and after the Great Recession, at an accelerated pace. Learn this cycle and stay ahead of it, and then re-orient to a world where people choose their news based on what they like, not where they live.

The only place PR pros congregate to learn all those things is the Smart PR Inner Circle. I launched it in the teeth of the Great Recession in 2009, and the first group of members are now VPs and agency owners. One even retired last year at age 45.

Register here for free bonuses that teach you some of the above and give you a taste of what it’s like on the inside. That way you’ll be informed when we start accepting new members for a limited time next month.

P.S. I’m preparing a special resource that’s laser-focused on boosting the way bosses or clients perceive the value you deliver. It’s ONLY going to be available to current members and those who act fast when we open up next month. Join the Wait List to be notified when it’s ready.

This article was originally published on May 6, 2020

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