This comms exec is pushing AI

This quote from a top comms exec caught my eye:

I’m not afraid AI will take over our jobs, but I am concerned my teams are spending too much time doing tasks that could be improved with AI in our workflows.

That’s from Gabrielle Ferree, whom I got to know well as a longtime member of our Smart PR Inner Circle. Formerly comms head for Slack, she just took over comms for Bumble, the publicly traded dating app. You can hear more from her in this Axios piece.

Whether you work for an enlightened exec like Gabrielle or one who is taking a wait-and-see approach, you can get ahead by experimenting with some low-risk, easy-to-learn approaches to generative AI. Here’s a quick-start guide:

  1. Use the free version of either Microsoft Copilot or Google Gemini – both work better than free ChatGPT. (Use the “more creative” setting on Copilot.)
  2. Next time you write a news release, blog post or mass email, feed it in and ask for 10 headlines/subject lines in your specified style.
  3. Next time you need to review a long document or a bunch of data, upload it to your AI and ask for a summary, and then ask follow-up questions. Be sure to double-check any answers that are vital to your decision-making.

If you’re worried about data security, just anonymize your organization when you input your data, or don’t experiment with anything sensitive.

I covered this and a bunch more quick hacks in a free webinar back in October (that Gabrielle told me she liked ;). Since then we’ve covered much more in-depth approaches inside the Inner Circle, with some members reporting they are saving up to an hour a day by using AI.

The Inner Circle will be accepting new enrollees soon. If you’d like to get a sneak peek and be alerted when that happens, register for our Wait List now.

This article was originally published on March 21, 2024

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