This happened two days ago

I don’t usually analyze breaking news in this newsletter.

And I fought doing it today, but my mind won’t think about anything else.

The News

Tuesday, OpenAI unveiled their shiny new toy: ChatGPT Enterprise. It’s like your personal ChatGPT, tailored for big companies, with added bells and whistles.

Here’s the kicker

You know those nail-biting concerns about feeding confidential data into the AI beast? Your nails can grow back now.

ChatGPT for corporate titans promises Fort Knox-level security. No sharing of your data. No using it to train the language model. Available now. (They say it’s coming soon for small businesses, too.)

Plot twist

I don’t think most large businesses are going to jump on this bandwagon. Because this announcement is probably the nudge Microsoft needed to move up their release date for their private, secure generative AI offering – they call it 365 Copilot. If your employer has you reading your emails on Outlook and typing your releases in Word, you could have built-in AI as soon as that rollout happens. And whenever they do that, Google will then include generative AI inside its own office suite.

The big takeaway

By sometime early next year, bosses and team leads will be crafting memos and emails with a hint of AI flair. And that means, whether it’s true or not, they’ll assume you’re using it to more efficiently produce your PR content and achieve your goals.

Will you be onboard, or watching from the shore?

My Inner Circle membership program is leaning into integrating AI with PR. It’s not all we talk about, because the technology isn’t there yet. But by the time the AI-assisted PR train leaves the station, we intend to be driving it!

I’ll have more on this soon – sign up for our Inner Circle Wait List to make sure you hear about it.

Thoughts on using ChatGPT to help with this piece: If you’ve been reading these over the summer, you may have noticed me sharing in these PSes how I’ve used ChatGPT to help me produce this newsletter. This is the first time I’m slack-jawed. Usually I’ve been writing my first draft straight through and then asking to make clarifying edits and proofread it. I like to think I’m a pretty good writer, and all I need is an editor. This time I felt like my copy was a bit staid, so I gave ChatGPT a long, specific prompt to liven it up. I was expecting to get a bunch of vague, babbling hype with one or two bits I could adopt. Instead, the output was almost usable out of the box!

Probably because of pride, I didn’t integrate it all. I used some of the best bits, and that inspired my own flourishes. (Don’t blame the bot if you didn’t like “Your nails can grow back now.” That was me.)

Then I fed my updated version back in for proofreading, and the bot caught three objective copy errors – really minor stuff like a period outside the parentheses in a complete sentence.

This is the first time I’ve felt like using ChatGPT saved me time AND made my writing better. Maybe I was having an off day in the first place . . . but if that’s the case, it’s nice to know I have this reliable assistant to prop me up when I’m down.

This article was originally published on August 30, 2023

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