Work-life balance wins: Health-promoting habits for PR pros

I was startled at an undercurrent that emerged from submissions to the Inner Circle‘s “Best Career Win” competition.

I was expecting tales of raises, promotions, and mega-results. But I also saw PR pros who are reflective and real: They said their best career victories were addressing their physical and mental health.

You’re no stranger to the hustle. Tight deadlines, managing crises, and juggling multiple projects – they’re all inked in your job description. Your dedication is commendable, but it’s a double-edged sword.

Take Brandon, for instance. He shared that he finally prioritized his annual physical after a 10-year hiatus when work and other commitments had kept him “too busy.” The revelation? He was living with sleep apnea, which was reducing his night's restful sleep to only 20 minutes! Tackling this issue is not only going to improve his health but also his energy levels and productivity. And therefore his results at work.

Similarly, Caroline acted on her values regarding the importance of mental wellness. She bravely opened up about her struggles and has been a catalyst for change within her workplace. Her honesty encouraged others to be more proactive about seeking help. Her team will be more united (and productive) as a result.

These stories are powerful reminders that your health is not separate from your career – It's an integral part of it!

Long Working Hours & Constant Connectivity

We get it. Your work often demands long hours and being constantly on-call. But remember, your email can wait, but your health cannot! Like Brandon, make sure to set boundaries and make time for regular health check-ups.

Navigating Stress & Mental Health

In the high-pressure PR industry, stress management is crucial. Incorporate techniques into your routine, whether it's meditation, walking, or deep breathing. And as Caroline demonstrated, mental health should never be sidelined. It's essential to prioritize your mental wellbeing, and it's perfectly okay to seek professional help when you need it.

Nutrition & Physical Activity

With your busy schedule, it's tempting to grab a fast-food meal or skip lunch altogether. But poor nutrition can lead to health issues and nutrient deficiencies. Make sure to fuel your body with balanced meals. Similarly, try to incorporate physical activity into your day. A short stretching break or a walk can make a big difference.

Action Step

Pick something from the above list and make it part of your daily or weekly routine. I’m acting on it right now – after I save this post, I’m hitting the trail for a hike.
As Brandon starkly put it in his submission: “What good are career wins if you aren’t around to enjoy them?”

P.S. This email was proudly written with assistance from ChatGPT-4. Could you tell? More on AI-assisted PR coming soon.

This article was originally published on May 10, 2023

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