Yes, AI is going to change your PR work in 2023

Last week I gave my Inner Circle a full presentation that culminated in these two predictions:

By the end of 2023, all forward-thinking PR pros will be using AI tools to write their commodity content.

By the end of 2024, everyone else will, too.

I obviously don’t have the space here to duplicate the full presentation. So let this analogy suffice:

Imagine you had a new entry-level writer on your team. They are available literally 24/7 and their salary demands range from nothing to about $50 a month, no matter how many projects you give them. Their turnaround time is measured in seconds, not hours.

The downside? They often get facts way wrong, and their understanding of anything that happened after 2020 is limited. Their writing is very formulaic, and they’re generalists – they don’t understand any niche with any depth.

The great thing is they are amazing learners – you tell them something once, and they’ll never forget it, and will apply it with 100 percent consistency every time. When you tell them they were wrong, they never get offended and they immediately apply your feedback.

That analogy above is 100 percent what it’s like using an AI writing assistant. I know because I and some of my Inner Circle members have been playing around with ChatGPT since it launched last month. The news releases, blog posts, and social media posts it’s been writing for us are about average quality when compared to the work of human entry-level writers. That’s pretty amazing, considering it’s free.

There are ways to optimize this technology to minimize the downsides and enhance the upsides. And there are paid alternatives that can actually learn your writing style (and they don’t tell you they are “at capacity,” like ChatGPT often does now that the secret is out). Plus you’ll be using image-generating AI for all your graphics and images – say goodbye to your generic stock photos.

I shared those details, as well as a discussion about the ethical and business questions around this new frontier, in my presentation. It’s only available to current Inner Circle members, but if you join the program, you’ll have immediate access to that session, plus all the other ones I’ll inevitably be doing to keep current on this amazing technology. Register for our Wait List so you get alerted the next time we accept new members.

This article was originally published on January 18, 2023

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