I was paralyzed by uncertainty

I was pacing my office, thinking, “Is this the right time to go forward with a free training webinar titled Some Good News?”

When I conceived and began promoting the webinar, I was borrowing from John Krasinski’s YouTube show to celebrate the good news in the PR world since COVID erupted in March.

And then George Floyd was murdered, protests began, and our country has been confronting the hurt and injustice that so many are feeling. I wondered, should I hold off?

And I’ll be honest, as a white male, I didn’t feel really qualified to make that decision by myself – there’s so much that I’ll never really understand about what people of color go through. So I reached out to some of my Inner Circle members to ask how they were feeling and for their advice. They uniformly encouraged me to move forward.

One of them was Shirley Johnson of Stage 1 PR in Atlanta. I found her perspective so helpful that I spontaneously asked her to come on the webinar to share it with my audience. And with super short notice, she graciously agreed.

You can watch her advice and encouragement – here’s the recording. She’s right at the beginning, and her remarks hit home with the more than 400 people who attended.

After Shirley helped us get started, I then shared 12 PR wins that happened since COVID broke out, and the takeaways we can all apply to earn similar results.

It’s easy to see the uncertainty and fear right now. But the PR people who will come through this year of crisis the strongest are those who take action to adapt and move forward.

I knew this to be true because I saw it when I founded the Inner Circle during the last recession.

And here’s more proof. During the webinar I opened up the Inner Circle to new enrollments, and we broke our record for most new members during a webinar promotion. By 40 percent. In a pandemic and likely recession.

These PR pros recognize that investing in their skills and network will preserve their income and boost their careers as everything gets more competitive.

We’re still accepting new members, but only until June 11th.

See what’s new in the Inner Circle and why it’s breaking sales records.

This article was originally published on June 3, 2020

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