This is your inflection point

Something happened today that figuratively smacked me upside the head and screamed at me, “Everyone’s PR careers are permanently altered, but many of them don’t even know it.”

Right now, this fall, is an inflection point on 4 seemingly unrelated trends, all of which have an outsized impact on how your career eventually will turn out.

  • The economic shakeout of news media – The business models — and norms and ethics — we used to associate with journalism have morphed, but most journalists and PR pros are still in denial.
  • The variation of communications expertise – Many opportunities for reach and credibility are emerging that are more effective and reliable than a strict reliance on media relations.
  • The demolition of PR professional development – The networking luncheon and the industry conference are gone and they aren’t coming back (at least not the way they used to run).
  • The aching hole in remote work – PR pros love productivity gains associated with no commutes, but are longing for deeper social connection and support networks.

These pressing trends hit home for me yesterday when:

We opened the Inner Circle to new members and broke the record for enrollments during a webinar . . . by 87 percent. We now have significantly more members than ever before . . . during a pandemic and a recession.

PR pros are clearly turning to the Inner Circle in response to these inflection points.

Learn how Inner Circle members are addressing each of these challenges, and how you can apply their successes to your own work and lives.

You can watch the recording of the training I gave, which offers tips to address each of the trends noted above. If you don’t have time to watch all of it, check out the radically customized pitch at 42:33.

The video comes down — and the Inner Circle doors close — Oct. 29th.

This article was originally published on October 21, 2020

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