When it comes to professional development, are you a skimmer or a diver?

Got this reply to a “tips” email I sent out last month:

Michael, I quickly searched your email for the subject line that got an 80% response from national media.  But you overwhelmed me with information… if the subject line was among your text I missed it.

The tip for the subject line was most definitely in the email – near the end, of course.

But it doesn’t bother me that this reader missed it. I’m not going to cut away at the other important elements that were included in that email just so it’s easier for people to skim.

That approach doesn’t attract the type of people I’m looking to help.

Some people, like the woman who sent the reply above, only have time to skim their professional development resources. For them, there are lots of helpful industry web sites with snackable PR listicles.

Those resources exist for people who are skimmers when it comes to their professional development.

My preference is to offer you a deeper look into the relatively few topics that will have the biggest impact on your PR success.

People who connect with me tend to be divers when they explore ways to hone their craft.

Which approach fits you right now? You know yourself and your situation best.

Have you liked what you’ve been reading from me lately? Are you a diver who is looking to invest more thoughtful effort in your professional development?

If so, you might be a good candidate for my Inner Circle group coaching program. But I’m not sure.

The way for you to find out is to register for the new complimentary Inner Circle Preview Pass.

It’s a series of emails that give you an inside look at the program, now in its sixth year.

The Preview Pass is the way to determine if the Inner Circle is right for you, and if you’re right for the Inner Circle.

Get the Preview Pass here.

This article was originally published on April 9, 2015

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